Introducing Custom-Drawn World Maps, Free Consultation Calls, Illustrations and More!

Where to start? With free stuff, of course!

We’re now offering a limited number of free 30-min consultation calls to help you answer the question: “What next?” It’s one of the questions we get most frequently: “Um… a book just sort of happened… what next?” Sign up for a call and we’ll get in touch if you make the schedule. Preference will be given to first-time authors (this includes anyone who’s never self-published before, even if they’ve been traditionally published), but even if you’ve self-published before feel free to sign up for a chance to get your questions answered!

Speaking of frequently asked questions… we’ve started answering the week’s most frequently-asked questions in LIVE video on our Facebook page each weekend. It’s candid and informative and another great time to ask a question and have it answered real-time! If you’ve liked our page, you’ll get a notification when we go live. If there’s a question you’d like to hear answered in our next video, reply to this newsletter and ask it. We’ll give you a shout-out and an answer this weekend!

I guess that was “free information opportunities” more than it was “free stuff” but… IT’S FREE! (We like “free” around here if you can’t tell…)


We’ve bought on a talented, eagle-eyed proofreader to help you rid you’re book of speling, punctuation and other error? Pricing based off word count. Contact for a quote.
By teaming up with talented illustrators, we’re now able to offer full-service book illustration. Whether you need a full-color children’s book, vignette sketches for a chapter book, or a custom illustrated cover, we’ve got you…covered (in multiple styles)! Contact for a quote.
(Illustration from “Wobbly Woo” by Lisa Staley)
We are now working with an incredible artist to offer custom maps of your book’s world. Basic maps from $40 and more complex ones from $60. Questions? Just ask! (World in above map ©Ryan Batla.



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