Contest Winners

Today’s the day, folks: we’re here to announce the winners of our short story contest!

We’d like to thank everyone who entered–you all are great for putting your work out there! If you haven’t won, we strongly encourage you to do something with your story anyway–put it up on your own blog or site or publish it as an ebook short story.

And we’d like to thank our amazing judges: Katy, Kate, and Rebekah. These ladies are each authors in their own right and they did a fabulous job judging the submitted stories!


So with no further ado, here is the winning story for each cover…

Last Wish by Valerie Howard


Thin wisps of smoke wafted into the air, clouding my view of the party guests. Superficial smiles anchored below sad eyes told me what everyone there was thinking. My mother’s tight lips and glistening irises echoed the sentiment.

Eighteen candles. Eighteen little wax sticks so easily snuffed out.

Story of my life.

As the slices of cake made their rounds, coupled with a generous scoop of strawberry ice cream– my favorite– everyone took the obligatory plate. No one waved the dessert away, citing a diet or an over-full stomach. Not this time.

“Miranda, what did you wish for?” My youngest cousin tugged on my loose shirtsleeve and looked up at me with innocent blue eyes.

An awkward silence dampened the room’s mood further. My friends and family studied the brightly colored frosting smeared on their plastic forks. My acquaintances looked away. Someone pretended to cough. They thought they knew the answer. They thought I’d wished for a cure. For more time.

They were wrong.  Read the rest…



Faith is the Victory by Faith Blum

The setting couldn’t have been more perfect. An abandoned shed in the middle of nowhere. The house nearby looked more dilapidated than the shed, the grass was overgrown, and the trees were rotting away. Yes, this spot would be perfect. But could I do it? What would happen if I changed my mind and it was too late?

My breath caught in my chest and I struggled to breathe as my hands shook uncontrollably on the steering wheel of my truck. With sudden vengeance, I stomped my foot on the gas pedal and peeled out of the overgrown gravel driveway. Not today. I couldn’t do it today.  Read the rest…



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