Big Changes Coming to Perry Elisabeth Design

On April 1, 2016 Tyler and I took Perry Elisabeth Design from a part-time side gig to a full-time business and the main source of income for our growing family. Since then we’ve worked with countless amazing clients and created and launched our successful WriteMind Planner. It has also allowed Tyler to study for a career in IT and networking.

The big news is… he recently accepted an IT job! This will allow me to focus on being mom to our 4 little boys which means some big changes for our business.

As of June 1, 2017…

  • We will no longer be offering formatting, web design, or other graphic design services.
  • We will not be taking new cover design clients or new projects from existing clients… mostly. The exception to this is people who have a series with us (we don’t want to make anyone switch designers and cost in the middle of a series!).
  • The other exception? I will occasionally accept other cover design projects, but the price will be significantly higher than what we’ve charged so far. (Don’t worry… I still love all you budget authors and will be putting together a list of recommended resources for inexpensive cover design and formatting!)
  • There will be absolutely NO changes to the availability and shipping times of WriteMind products, plus we have some other amazing ways we’ll continue help you all out!


Questions about any of this? Leave a comment!